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PostSubject: Job List   Job List I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 4:04 pm

Neutral in the war they are usually just caught up in it.

Someone who uses herbs and the limited knowledge of them to heal the sick and wounded.

Herb Gatherer:
Someone who gathers herbs from Sterhera and makes them into poultices and salves for the doctors to use.

Farmer/ Food gatherer:
Farmers care for the crops and the orchards, they are also in charge of gathering food but often hire food gatherers to assist them with large harvests.

These people  hunt down the animals of Sterhera for meat., normally this is a job seen carried out by the men of a village. But women are known to also take up the role when needed.

Care Taker
These people are often left in charge of children while their parents go out to work in the fields, they are often the elderly or injured people of a village.

Maintenance Worker:
More common in Rigdail these people are in charge of keeping this running the  way they should.

Metal Worker
These men and women work the metal supplied to them to make anything from a metal washer to the metal sheets that help create sky ships.

Like the metal worker these people use metal to create weapons, something Metal Workers in Rigdail rarely do.

Ship Builder
These men and women spend their lives constructing ships, they are very skilled in their craft.

These are accomplished chefs who actually have moved to Sterhera.

Rogue: These are people who have either moved from their village of their own accord or were forced away from it.

These are the scientists that are learning more and more about the planet that the humans now reside on.

These are the gods of Sterhera, worshiped by the humans they gain their power from mortal prayers.

Sky Pirates:
There are many positions that the sky pirates have;

Lead Captain:
The captain of captains, these four pirates lead the four pirate clans.

These pirates own their own ships and crews, they usually serve under the Lead Captain or go rogue and lead their own lives outside of the one of the four clans.

Other positions among the crews are:
--Make sure to specify which crew you wish to be apart of, some may not be open aboard a certain ship, to find out feel free to contact the captain of the ship you wish to join.--

First Mate
The ships second in command, this man or woman is the most trusted by the captain.

Quarter Master
Among the Government army the quartermaster is responsible for the ship's navigation and maintenance of nautical charts and maps. Aboard merchant ships, quartermasters are usually the Able Seamen assigned to bridge watches. A naval quartermaster's main task is to steer the ship and apply the helm orders given by the Captain or watch officers.

A Boatswain  is an unlicensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship. The boatswain supervises the other unlicensed members of the ship's deck department, and typically is not a watch stander, except on vessels with small crews. Other duties vary depending on the type of ship, her crewing, and other factors.

These men among the crew are skilled fighters, they serve as the main body of the crew on pirate ships while a government ship will have crewmen to over see the running of the ship leaving the fighters to sit and wait for battle.

Often the main body of the ship these men are skilled in the art of sailing, although not always the best of fighter they can navigate a ship and its rigging as easily as walking down a sidewalk.

Maintenance Worker
Men in charge of maintaining the ship engines and other important mechanical parts, these men are responsible for keeping the ship running.

Qualified personnel who operate a ship continuously around the clock. On a typical sea going vessel, be it naval or merchant, Watchmen keep watch on the bridge and over the running machinery. The generic bridge watch-standers are a lookout and an officer or mate who is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship. Safe navigation means keeping the vessel on course and away from dangers as well as collision avoidance from other vessels or obstacle.

Hunter/Food Gatherer
These men or women are in charge of keeping the pirate and Government ships feed if supplies should run out while on a voyage.

Like the normal rogues, rogues among pirates are considered outcasts, men or women who are heartless that have no allegiance to any pirate captain or government.

These are the position the military and government have;

Military Head
Leader of Citizenship
Worker’s Union Head
Head Researcher
Head of Public relations
Morale officer
Social justice officer
Union official
Field agent
Police chief
Police officer
Riot officer

(These ranks can also be converted for land and sea warfare, not all travel is done by flying ship; although it is the main one).

Marshall of the Airforce
Air Chief Marshall
Air Marshall
Air Commodore
Commodore Chaplin
Group Captain
Wing Commander
Pilot Officer
Warrant Officer

Veno Cult
These people worship the old blood thirsty gods of the ancient civilization known as Ven who destroyed Sengen to acquire sacrificial victims for their gods.

The head of the religious cult this man over sees the blood sacrifices and the joining of new members.

A follower or assistant of the Shaman, these people often young men or women do the Shaman's bidding.

These are the lesser followers who hold no high rank, they go out and find new members or silence others known as Deserters.

Men and women who flee the Veno cult, the instant they flee they are marked for death.

(these are subject to change at anytime, members are welcome to suggest their own ranks and jobs.)
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Job List
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