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 Rules of Trade

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PostSubject: Rules of Trade   Rules of Trade I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 12:06 am

All craftsmen are bound by honor to put forth their best possible effort in creating an item worthy to bare their name. However one must keep in mind that craftsmen make a living off of their trade and so the price will match the quality, you as the buyer must remember this when haggling with these skilled men and women. Here is a list craftsmen and customers must abide by when performing a transaction.


As the maker of the desired item craftsmen can set the prices, whether haggling is allowed, and other rules of their shop, this encourages a competitive market and quality of the items made. However there are universal rules you must follow, they are listed bellow.

>>> Members cannot have their characters create thing that are beyond their craft (Blacksmiths cannot do a Leatherworker's job). If you desire an item that requires multiple craftsmen you must pay each of them to make their required part for that item.  However Craftsmen can team together to make a shop reducing the stress of searching out each part.

>>> If a craftsmen of a certain trade is unavailable members can post their commission in the staff's Craft Page to purchase their desired item (Just remember no items can be traded here).

>>> Other members can provide materials to lessen the price they have to pay, this is none negotiable. However you are allowed to set how much the price will be reduced depending on the amount of materials given.

>>>Craftsmen cannot make magical items unless they are of high skill and are provided with magical material. The MUST be magical material involved or said items cannot be created no matter how skilled a crafter is.

>>>Craftsmen's skills are advanced the more active they are, purchases received, and threads between customers they have had.

>>> You can decide whether or not you are willing to trade an item for an item.

>>> You are also allowed to say whether or not other members can have the option to request/purchase/ or trade items to you in character (Their character meeting your character in role play), or out of character (you as members simply doing the transaction).

>>> If you back out on the deal you must give a refund.

>>> If the person who has commissioned the item from you refuses to pay you keep the item and the money

>>> If  the owner of the original allows you can sell copies of unique gear, weapons, or other items people have commissioned you to make along with your own creations.


As a customer you are always looking for the most bang for your buck, you search the locate markets, listen tot he latest gossip about one shop's quality or another, until finally you find someone skilled and affordable enough to create your desired item. You haggle, trade, do favors, or even provide the material yourself to reduce the overall price. But there are a few rules you must follow while going about this.

>>> Respect the shop owner's rules and . The craftsmen set the rules and you must respect them, if they say they are uninterested in trading then do not bother them about it.

>>> Although it is unlikely Craftsmen have a right to decline a customer. This could be because of various things ranging from personal beliefs to a difference in allies.

>>> Once the item is finished you MUST pay the asking price, if you back you are still obligated to pay and will be marked as a thieve and unable to purchase anything from the market for one OC week/ The treasure will also be subtracted from your account, repeated offenses will get you banned from the Crafter's Market.

>>> If a crafter does not finished your item, you will be given that item for free as well as half of the asking price from the craftsmen's own pocket.

Collecting Treasure

>>> When you have bought an item please post on the transaction thread using the correct form provided. The Treasure will be removed from your account and added to the craftsman you commissioned and you will be allowed to edit your profile listing said item.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules of Trade   Rules of Trade I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 12:37 am

Advancing a Craftsman's Skill

One must wonder why they need to advance their crafter's skill, he or she can make just about any item without it so long as they have the right materials and price. The answer is magic, money, and customs. One cannot make any magical items unless they are of the highest skill, you can also charge more and make more effective weapons/items. You can also create custom weapons for people that defy the normal (such as an electro gun).

So how do you advance ranks? It is rather simple, the more a person works their craft the more skills they acquire. By filling out orders you can advance your rank, the more people that buy from the closer you get to the next level. You can also advance your rank by threading with other characters in which you actually use your trade or involve a transaction. It is also advanced by how active you are on the forum.

>>> Level 1 >>- Can make most basic items, cannot make custom weapons/items.
Nothing required, this is the base.

>>> Level 2 >>- Can make all basic items and basic custom weapons/item.

100 posts -or- 50 sales -or- 5 threads

>>>Level 3 >>- The master, can make all items ranging from basic to costume, to magical (if materials are provided).

200 posts -or- 80 sales -or- 10 threads
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Rules of Trade
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