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On Free As A Bird members can quest for certain items, weapons, or animal. These quests are given out by the staff and are unique to each member OOC, in character your character seeks out the Oracle a wise old woman who is said to poses mysterious powers and know all. Humans and deities alike seek her own in hopes that she can point them in the right direction. The Oracle will give quests in the form of challenges, riddles, tasks, or other creative events your character must face IC in order to gain the desired thing they seek. The oracle is played by a staff member and depending on who plays her, her personality can range from wise and caring to eccentric and violent. She sides with no one and will aid whomever she deems fit. You can only do one quest a OOC week per character, meaning if you have two characters and one goes on a quest you must wait a week before doing another, however character number two is free to quest for an item.

The things quested for can range far and wide. You can quest for things normally purchased at the shop, for materials to aid you in getting an item made, unique weapons/armor, magical/rare items, and animal partners not normally seen with humans/deities. These quests are not limited to humans, anyone even deities can go on a quest, all are subject to the one week waiting period between each quest. When you want to take on a quest you must first create a role play thread in Oracular Isles and wait for the Oracle to respond and give you your quest. Once finished follow the instructions given and create a thread with [QUEST] in the title to alert staff that you are questing. If after a time you feel that your thread has been missed you can always alert a staff member. They will then reply to your thread and help advance your quest farther or attempt to impede your character along the way.

Other members cannot join in on your thread and aid you unless specified by the Oracle (If you want characters involved for plot sake this can be arranged). other then this they cannot be allowed in the thread unless they are impeding you.  This means people with certain ranks such as a thief or deity can ask if they can crash your thread and add a new obstacle for your character to overcome. This is totally optional and anyone other then the staff member overseeing your quest must ask  to join in a quest thread.  Whether you succeed or fail is entirely up to you or the staff member, if the member says you have failed you are free to ask why they have deemed the mission unsuccessful. They are obliged to tell you why but please do not fight them on the matter and become rude. We are here to have fun and challenge ourselves, you can always try for the same item next week!

Staff members must keep in mind various things when rating a quest, the person's writing skill, how they handle a situation, their cleverness, how well they stay in character, and how realistic they are (if their character has an injury do accurately portray this throughout the entire role play?). Please remain fair and unbiased in judging the quest. Staff members who have a character questing cannot oversee their own quest thread, this job falls to another staff member to ensure things remain fair. When a quest is completed please go to the Claiming Thread to pick up your prize.
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