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 Fly on the Wall

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Ingram Rendell

Ingram Rendell

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PostSubject: Fly on the Wall   Fly on the Wall I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 02, 2013 12:01 pm

One could hardly tell it was autumn by merely looking around. The sun was shining warmly high above the horizon and vegetation bloomed in the endless shades of green wherever the soil was rich enough to sustain growth, but if one stopped for a second to draw a deep breath, a distant promise of approaching cold and decay could be sensed beneath the rich scent of life and sunshine. It was a market day in a medium-sized town not too far from Shelter Bay. People were bustling up and down the main street completing their daily chores, money and goods changed hands. Nothing seemed to be out of ordinary, except that a certain office in a certain building in the heart of Argo was empty, and that an ominous figure of a huge serpentine monster now loomed upon the heads of unsuspecting townspeople, invisible to mortal eye.

Ingram had stationed himself on top of one of the buildings skirting a small village square and meticulously scanned every passer-by with his eyes. He’d spend a morning getting to know the conditions of the nearby towns and farms and becoming accustomed to the fact that he could use his powers without having to be constantly fearful of eye-witnesses. It would be exaggerating to say he was enjoying himself, but as he had freed himself from the shackles of humanity earlier that day, a sense of… belonging had filled his mind. It almost felt like back in the old days when Kane-
No. Ingram checked himself. No. He knew only too well there was no going back. First off, he had a schedule. Ingram had managed to leave his duties in Orium behind only after painstaking preparations and an exceptionally frustrating tug-of-war with his personal secretary, who didn’t seem to know anything more revolting than letting his employer lead a perfectly unsupervised life for two entire weeks. The creature grimaced. Two weeks. A miracle for the Military Head, a pittance for the deity of sickness. Ever seen an epidemic come into being and then vanish in a mere fortnight? Didn’t think so. But regretfully he could only dream of months-long holidays as long as Steva refused to stop fooling around and surrender like a sensible nation would.
The second reason was even graver one: his base of believers wasn’t quite as big as it used to be. One carelessly placed epidemic, and everything that linked Ingram to his past would be gone forever. No, nowadays he had to be extra careful. Humiliating, perhaps, but there was nothing else he could do without driving his believers to extinction. Nothing he could think of. And he’d done a lot of thinking ever since Kane fell.

The deity lowered his head seemingly satisfied with what he had seen and let his concentration lapse. The last time he paid a visit to this part of world there had been a severe smallpox outbreak in one of the smaller and less developed villages. The disease had spread aggressively from town to town and taken its toll especially on infant population. Even Shelter Bay had had its share of the trouble. The population hadn’t quite gotten over this tragedy yet, but the progress was looking good so far. Ingram would still have to wait before letting another highly contagious pathogen loose, but perhaps he could find some other way of making the lives of these maggots a bit more difficult than they already were. Something to do with the crop, maybe - a touch of famine always livened things up. The consequences might seem disastrous from an individual’s point of view, but they were relatively harmless when looking at the big picture. At least humans had less mouths to feed now that so many families had lost their young.

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Silas Windwake

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PostSubject: Re: Fly on the Wall   Fly on the Wall I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 01, 2013 1:02 am

Arvon lay basking in the sun on a roof just above Ingram, he was aware of the man's presence he however did not know he was  a fellow deity or cared. He simply acknowledged his presence enough to decide he wasn't going to pay  any attention so long as he didn't make any attempt to reach out to him. He didn't feel in the mood to socialize at this moment and the older man's sour face certainly didn't scream, 'talk to me!' No he would remain right were he was laying on his back on the railing of the flat topped building, enjoy the warmth. An apple he had purchased from a large mustached man with a floppy had rested on his chest, shinning bright red in contrast to his off-white shirt.  Head resting on his hands he began to hum a quiet tune, an ancient song long lost. Any normal person would hear him an assume he was singing some sort of made up tune or new song from another part of the lands, Even a few deities would not know it if they had come to this planet with these new humans. But a deity from a similar time would instantly know of it.

The song was an old tribute to the life and hardships of a warrior and how he relied upon his skills and his blade to protect his home and loved ones. It was one of Arvon's favorite song for it did not glamorize the path of war and violence but told the true suffering such evil brought. He himself enjoyed a friendly spar but hated war. It was a cruel irony really, being a deity that gained power off of people's need and faith in their weapons and the reliance many hand upon the wind to reach the lands they sought to concur. Al the while wishing for a peace he knew would never come. He could have easily gone mad, but he had long since resigned himself to the fact that his very existence relied upon violence even though he sought peace. It was funny really, in trying to bring about his wish he'd ultimately kill himself or become to weak to be of any use aside from a door stopper. But that was okay, he had lived for a long time and would not mind sacrificing himself if it meant the land would truly become peaceful.

Of course with Argo's ambitious and selfish actions the planet would be bathed in blood once more, they had already destroyed Kane and sought to concur Steva as well. Pathetic, the greed of men was simply astonishing. They'd most likely die before they even saw the world come under their reign, yet they continued to fight and seek power constantly repeating the pattern of their ancestors. Would they ever learn? Probably not. A heavy sigh filled his chest dislodging the apple. He tried to snatch the fruit as it tumbled out into open air, nearly sending himself tumbling after the red food. His fingers brushed against the smooth skin knocking it farther away from him. Watching helpless as the sunlight reflected off of the well polished surface of that juicy apple as it fell, straight towards the man's head. Oh crap. "Look out!'

(Late ,very late)
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Fly on the Wall
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