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 THE HUNT 10/1/2013

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Tray Daniels

Tray Daniels

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PostSubject: THE HUNT 10/1/2013   THE HUNT 10/1/2013 I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 01, 2013 12:35 am

The Hunted

Today the hunting party will be hunting down a Hydra, this beast is covered from head to toe in armor like scales. Sharp wicked talons line each foot and three serpentine heads sprout from the shoulders.T Not only containing venom in each glistening fang the size of steak knives this beast can emit a piercing shriek that can shatter glass and render one deaf for several days. Bone climbs tip the ends of its three tails. This beast is extremely secretive however it fears nothing and if discovered or threatened can be extremely violent. It is cunning and has managed to elude hunters time and time again and has been known to devour villagers who had strayed to far into the forest. Its body is the size of a passenger van team work each neck extending thirty feet from thee body.  and cunning is needed to survive, work together to bring this fearsome creature down.

This Hunt will take place at the Stone Lake


-You must follow all the general rules when role playing a hunt.

-There are only allowed six people besides the creature to role play in a hunt and there will be a list up that you must pm the admin account to sign up for. First comers get the spots.

-If you are not going to be active for the days of the hunt then please don't sign up for it. Being active includes a post per day or as often as your turn comes. (for now this rule will be ignored due to school exams).

-You MUST and absolutely MUST post in order.

-If someone does not reply in 48 hours post over them and go on.

-Please be as descriptive as possible with your moves and actions because if your not the next rper won't know what to do.

-Injuries can happen in this hunt. Nothing fatal, but serious is definitely possible.

-We will try to keep the Hunt only two weeks long. So it ends two weeks after the day it starts, if the thread is not finished in this time the hunt will be considered a failure. (again this rule will be ignored, although members are welcome to aim for this goal the role play will go on for 3 weeks.)

-Anyone can partake in these hunts, meaning pirates/government/civilians will all be working together to bring down the Beast. It is one of the few times these people will interact peacefully during large role plays.

-If the hunt is successful the hunters will be awarded special prizes depending on the creature killed, if the hunt fails participates will receive only a few points.

And remember to have fun. These hunts will be hosted at least once a month but extras may be thrown in at random to mix things up a big. So keep your eyes on the announcements.

Message Tray with this form to join the hunt. (2-6 members will be allowed, only one character per member)

Character Name:

The Hunters

- Sophia Jae Parks: Two long kampilan swords and three wavy edges kris daggers.
- Arvon Windwake: Cutlass, two knives, and a dagger, among other things.
- Ingram Rendell:  Spadroon and a combat knife
-Avena Daniels: Twin Swords
-Jacob Marlyn: Throwing Knives & Daggers.
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PostSubject: Re: THE HUNT 10/1/2013   THE HUNT 10/1/2013 I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 3:06 am

The Hunt thread is located HERE.

This month's participants are.

-Sophia Jae Parks
- Arvon Windwake
- Ingram Rendell
-Avena Daniels
-Jacob Marlyn


-THE HUNT 10/1/2013 Faab_animal_hide_steel_magic_icon_by_achiha_azteca-d6l0xus Steel Pelt: As light as hair and tougher then steel anything made from this material will never be pierced by blade or bullet. However, it can conduct electricity rather well and is ineffective against electro guns and cannons. Normal canons are also quite effective because they may not be able to pierce the steel, they have enough force behind them, that the cloak can't fully stop, to break bones. (trade value 600 pieces of treasure). Can be used to create a Steel Cloak.

THE HUNT 10/1/2013 Faab_ivory_heal_magic_icon_by_achiha_azteca-d6l0xv1Fangs- This magical item is an ingredient in making poison. (Trade Value 200)

THE HUNT 10/1/2013 Faab_healing_potion_icon_by_achiha_azteca-d6l0xtzHealing Potion- Created with the Hydra's blood mixed with other powerful healing items this potion is a very potent and can heal even the most serious of wounds and illnesses. This single vile can be used only once. (trade value 600)
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THE HUNT 10/1/2013
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