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 Audition Form

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PostSubject: Audition Form   Audition Form I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2013 3:26 am

Remember to fill our your profile accordingly before posting this.

Make sure you fill out the information in your profile before before posting this, if you are confused as to where the real character form is then click on your name. It will take you to the area where all the needed fields are located, fill these out then copy this form bellow and post it in a new thread.

Player Alias: Tell us we should call you!(Do not give your real life name.)

Character's Full Name:
Age:  If you are an immortal list the age your character appears to be.
Gender: is your character male or female?
Race: Deity or human
Alliance Who have they sided with?
Position: What rank are they, if they have any.
Starting Weapons: What are their base weapons. Weapons you will have them start out with. You can only have 3 different types of basic weapons, I.E a sword, knife, and ax. How many of these base weapons your character has is up to you, just don't go crazy. If you have a custom weapon you can only have it and ONE other thing. Meaning you only start out with two weapons, or custom and the other basic weapon of your choice.

Role Play Sample:  At least two paragraphs long, you only have to write a role play sample for your firs character.

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Posts : 60
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PostSubject: Re: Audition Form   Audition Form I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2013 9:49 pm

Filling out the Form

Bellow are the different fields that we require to be filled out, along with a brief explanation as to what they mean. All can be located by clicking on your name, edit these fields accordingly. if you need farther examples then feel free to look at my character Tray Daniels

»»character full name:
»»age: (say actual age and if immortal what age they appear to be)
»»gender: (female/male)
»»sexual orientation:(bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual)
»»position: (what job do you have, remember to look at the job list, if you think of a better job ask a staff member about it)
»»race: (Deity or Human)
»»alliance:(neutral, government, pirate/deity)
»»powers: (explain in detail; powers are only allowed for Deities)
»»weapons:(explain in detail, remember no guns unless you purchase them a the prize shop. )


»»markings:(scars, piercings and so on)
»»general appearance: (At least a paragraph)


»»strengths: (at least two, and explain why)
»»weaknesses: (at least two, and explain why)
»»personality: ( at least one 100 words)

»»History: (at least one hundred words )

»»Bloodline: (List your relatives and children)

Password:(it's in the rules)
How did you find us?:

»»Ship: (This are is for you to explain your ship, if you have one.)
»»Other: (List any extra information here.)
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Audition Form
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